Aurora Industrial Turbine Pumps - Service, Parts & Repair

Designing and manufacturing pumps for process water supply, cooling water supply, spray booths, transfer and recirculation, Aurora provides a broad selection of pumps and pumping equipment for a wide range of applications. Our qualified and experienced technicians at Pump Engineering Company (PEC) will help you select and install the right solution for your pumping needs.

Aurora Industrial Turbine Pumps - Service, Parts & Repair

Pump Engineering Company is an authorized distributor for Aurora Industrial Turbine Pumps in Southern California and the surrounding areas. Aurora is recognized for its wonderfully designed and manufactured range of pumps and systems that can be used for a wide range of applications, from industrial, commercial, and municipal to oil and gas, fire and marine.

Aurora Industrial Turbine Pumps Service and Maintenance

As part of our after-sales services, Pump Engineering Company provides our clients ready access to expert, customized technical support. Our professional and experienced staff will address all your Aurora pump problems, and provide individualized technical assistance. From Aurora industrial turbine selection and installation to scheduled maintenance and technical service.

At PEC, we provide Aurora industrial turbine pump repair and maintenance services to our clients in Southern California. Our expert technicians deliver a full range of rebuild and repair services both in the field and in-house. We have original spare parts to maintain the integrity of your systems to optimize its useful life.

We have the skills and equipment to restore and maintain the optimal performance and efficiency of your Aurora pump, with shorter delivery times and lower prices, reducing your downtime and maximizing your profits. Keeping your pump running efficiently helps reduce energy costs and prolong its lifespan.

All-inclusive Technical and Sales Support

Whether you're looking to service your Aurora industrial turbine pump or upgrade the existing one with a new model, Pump Engineering Company is your go-to supplier of original spare parts and repair and replacement facility in Southern California.

For more information, please contact our sales desk. We're always ready to help.

Have Questions? Our Team is Ready to Help!

If you have questions regarding the Aurora Industrial Turbine Pumps that we carry & distribute, then please call us @ 800.560.7867 for more information or to request a quote. We may also be contacted online using our online contact form, which we will respond promptly.