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FMC Technologies is a world leader in piston and plunger pump technology. They have been manufacturing and distributing high quality pumps of different sizes, designs, and materials to meet varied industry needs since 1884.

fmc industrial pumps

Pump Engineering Company is an authorized distributor of FMC’s turnkey pump systems in Southern California. These piston and plunger pumps can be used in different industries, including:

  • Oil and gas - for process, refining, and transportation applications
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Well service pumps
  • Agriculture
  • Vertical drilling and mining
  • Sewer cleaning pumps
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • General industrial

Inspection and Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a vital component of any successful pump installation. Well maintained FMC pumps for industrial or commercial use can give you years of trouble-free service. Although FMC pumps are uniquely designed to minimize maintenance requirements, regular inspections by both your internal team and our professional engineers will help to recognize the indicators of potential problems and schedule maintenance promptly.

Service and Repair of FMC Industrial Pumps

If you’re looking to repair or rebuild your plunger or piston industrial pumps, PEC’s experienced technicians can service your pump to ensure its continued optimal and efficient performance. We have an extensive inventory of FMC pump parts for emergency repair and prompt service. This includes the parts for discontinued pump lines, so you don’t have to replace your old piston or plunger pump until it’s absolutely necessary.

Piston and plunger pumps are generally highly efficient with rated efficiencies of 85-90%, and even higher due to the direct energy transfer directly to the fluid via the reciprocating action and positive fluid displacement. We are proud to be an FMC partner, distributing, maintaining, and repairing their industrial and commercial pumps.

Please visit Pump Engineering Company today or give us a call for professional aid in FMC pump selection, installation, service, repair and more.

FMC Industrial Pumps, Parts, Sales, Service & Repair

We are your authorized sales, service, repair distributor for FMC pumps, parts & systems. Looking for FMC pump repair & service? We can help with that.

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