Bell & Gossett Pumps - Service, Parts & Repair

Pump Engineering Company is a distributor of the premium pump brand, Bell & Gusset, in Southern California.

bell & gossett pumps

We can help you select and install the most appropriate Bell & Gossett Pump for your specific application, from a wide range of pumps that includes in-line centrifugal (close-coupled, split-coupled, or maintenance-free), in-line booster pumps, foot-mounted centrifugal (or end suction) pumps, base-mounted centrifugal pumps, double-suction, multi-stage pumps, vertical turbine pumps, and heat exchangers and tube bundles, as well as their repair parts and related accessories.

Bell & Gossett Pumps Service and Repair

When it comes to repairing your Bell & Gossett Pump, our technicians will use only original replacement parts from the manufacturer. If your pump is leaking, our technicians will inspect the condition of the seal and make the necessary repairs using a seal kit and body gasket.

Repairs that don't require seal replacement may involve getting a new bearing assembly. The bearing assembly comprises all component parts pre-assembled into an easy-to-install pump housing. Other replacement parts include the power pack (motor) and mount set, impeller and impeller nut, coupler, and pump body.

If you have an old Bell & Gossett Pump that requires expensive repairs, our technicians may recommend that you get a new, energy efficient Bell & Gossett Pump if this option is more economical in the long run. New pumps come ready with their own fastener pack that includes flange bolts, gaskets, and nuts, as well as a tube of oil to get you started.

Bell & Gossett pump maintenance

There is a wide range of Bell & Gossett pumps for different applications. All pumps, whether Series e-90 to Series 100 are built to maximize their life for their specific applications. The Series 100's design offers efficient hydraulic performance for minimal noise levels, and sleeve-bearing, oil-lubricated motors with tough, sound-dampening motor mounts with excellent durability. The Series e-90, on the other hand, features robust EPR/carbon/silicon carbide mechanical seal that lowers maintenance and prolongs the pump's life. Though these pumps are designed for low maintenance, we can help you plan an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule for optimal performance and long life .

Round-the-clock after-sales service

Pump Engineering Company has decades of experience serving clients in the Southern California region. Our expert technicians have the skills and experience to service and repair all Bell & Gossett pump makes and models. We are also available for scheduled maintenance and emergency repair 24/7, round the year, to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.

Have Questions? Our Team is Ready to Help!

If you have questions regarding the Bell & Gossett Pumps that we carry & distribute, then please call us @ 800.560.7867 for more information or to request a quote. We may also be contacted online using our online contact form, which we will respond promptly.