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Pump Engineering Company is the local distributor and service and maintenance partner for Blackmer in Southern California.

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With their high engineering design, Blackmer pumps are designed to handle the toughest pumping applications. For more than a century, Blackmer pumps have been the preferred technology for the transfer, transport, and delivery of liquefied gases and petroleum products. Their unique sliding-vane design is recognized internationally for handling viscous liquids, industrial process fluids, abrasive slurries, and organic or volatile compounds

Blackmer Pumps Scheduled Maintenance and Service & Repair

Blackmer pumps must only be installed in professionally designed systems that conform with all relevant regulations and codes. Depending on your pump application, our expert technicians will prepare a preventative maintenance plan to inspect, update, repair, and perform safety compliance of your system.

Most pump failure problems occur due to seal damage - dry, crack, and leak - and dirty strainers in the fluid lines. Strainers are your only line of defense against nuts, bolts, stones, and other foreign particles in the fluid that will destroy your pump. Our expert technicians have the skills and experience to open your pump, access and inspect the internal components for any fragments and signs of damage, and clean and repair any damage.

We can service your Blackmer pump on-site or in our workshop. If you want to rebuild your pump to prolong its useful life, we'll break it down for thorough cleaning, replace any worn components, and then test it before re-installation.

Round-the-clock after-sales service

Our expert technicians can help you choose, maintain, and service your Blackmer pump. The combination of self-priming and exceptional suction capabilities makes Blackmer sliding vane pumps ideal for fluid transfer from trucks, drums, tank farms, rail cars, and chemical tote transfer. Whether you want to pump fuel, solvents, lubricants, paints, coatings, thinners, oils, glycol, and all types of chemicals, we can help you get the right Blacker pump that will provide long service with low maintenance.

In addition to providing quality Blackmer pumps, PEC also offers pump service, installation, and repairs, as well as replacement parts, motors, and controls for your Blackmer pumps.

Have Questions? Our Team is Ready to Help!

If you have questions regarding the Blackmer Pumps that we carry & distribute, then please call us @ 800.560.7867 for more information or to request a quote. We may also be contacted online using our online contact form, which we will respond promptly.